From top to bottom, nothing is omitted

The environment of any dwelling accommodation is as important as the housing itself. When the outer structure crumbles, when the lathing of the roof begins to weaken due to the weight of time or to the harshness of successive winters which accumulated snow on the tiles, it is time to take matters into our own hands. Refurbishing the roof allowed us to overcome the infiltration of the snow under the tiles: we installed a sub-covering, we replaced deteriorated structural timbers and we changed the tiles of the whole roof. Moreover, integrating solar panels on the side of the roof oriented southward was an obvious move.

Taking advantage that the scaffolding was erected, we could simultaneously renovate the front of the house in order to bring back its well-known and original aspect with its typical door and window frames made of molasse.

We completed this renovation with a few amenities such as a terraced garden (enhanced by a lighting system well distributed in the stone walls) and a carnotzet (a kind of private pub usually located in the basement of most of ancient Swiss farms).

Services : Project study / Official records / Supervision of construction work

Surface : 0m2

Date : 2011