• Your project, one partner, our success

  • Your project, one partner, our success

  • Your project, one partner, our success



Evolution of life style

Renovation, is to improve the condition of a housing or space. This operation is similar to an update of place, in terms of ergonomics, comfort and lifestyle. Often linked to a need for space optimization or a problem of domestic organization. This can also be done, when one invests in creating a new space within pre-existing volumes, such as attics or barn. It is through the ingenuity and creativity that respond to such challenges.


Your desires come to life

These projects are entirely designed by Cré’Architecture and are developed in close association with our customers so that we can meet their needs but also their desires while respecting ergonomics and modern comfort. In this way, we aim to offer our customers places to live and work both unique and personalized.


A functional and warm hearted workplace

Be it a private institution, a public place, a store, restaurant or commercial office space, each profession and discipline has its own rules, its constraints and its specific needs. From lighting, to ergonomics, visual merchandising and neuromarketing as well as spatial arrangements and circulation. We integrate these diverse notions, while relating them specifically to the needs and desires of the different fields of activity.



Project study is without a doubt the most important step in any architectural creation. Together with you, we establish very precise building specifications to meet your needs as well as your desires. We take note in situ of all constraints linked to the geography of the place, to the exposure of the sun and to any aspect which could as a matter of fact influence the way of life in the building and/or its construction. Project study represents the basis of the whole undertaking, the indispensable condition which will allow us to carry out its best possible implementation.


Development of ideas is, of course, the most creative side of the project. By drafting, sketching and innovating, we look for new solutions to work out a custom-made design which will meet all the criteria defined in the project study. We want to complete this phase in close collaboration with you because it represents literally speaking the “illustration” of building specifications. This means that your presence becomes an essential parameter throughout this creative process.


In every architectural design light is an essential aspect which is too often neglected. Nevertheless, natural or artificial, light should be studied carefully : through the orientation of the house, the exposure of each room to day and night light, the different atmospheres and shades of color, not to mention the connections of light to energy and to ecology.


There are no projects without plans. Because we develop every project together with our clients, we are committed to give them the best possible comprehension by way of drawings, plans, perspectives or 3D renderings. It is important that we fully understand each other because the exactness of these graphical depictions is crucial: they will be sent to the building contractors which will then be appointed.


Choosing building contractors and craftsmen who will work on your project is the most important move. Our network allows us to get support from local professionals with recognized expertise: they are used to collaborate with each other and with us. Moreover, since in every problem lies its solution, we will take care to find the best company for every situation. Thus, establishing a competition between the various actors of your project will be the best way to stimulate ideas and of course to get the best tenders by choosing the most appropriate contractors.


Once your project is clearly defined and planned, it is time to realise it. Like a conductor with his orchestra, our responsibility is to ensure that all the construction steps progress on schedule in order for you to get the result you wish for. On the construction site, each participating building contractor must be present at the right time, must perform the tasks which are entrusted to him/her by respecting deadlines, quality and planned costs. We will stay daily on the building spot to make sure that the proper implementation of every decision is respected and to guarantee that the solutions brought forward are the most adapted to your project. At the end of the process, we will proudly give you the keys of your new home.