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About Cre’Architecture

Cré’Architecture is a design office that was created in 2013, following the association of brothers François and Guillaume Sage. We are an architectural firm with a focus on renovations and transformations.

Specialists in projects outside building zones (HZB), we focus on often complex buildings, regularly classified as Historic Monuments and work in collaboration with the various state services (SDT, SIPAL, SeCA or even SBC).

With our team, made up of architects and interior designers, we offer a wide range of services: complete restoration of old houses and farms, transformation of buildings with change of use, in-depth reflection on current standards in in terms of comfort and energy, while respecting the built heritage.

Our knowledge and skills in renovation also allow us to offer you our services on a wide variety of projects, ranging from the renovation of apartments to the design of contemporary villas, including professional architecture, offices, shops and restaurants. . Sometimes even, in the context of facelift projects on a smaller budget, we only intervene as an architectural consultant in interior design and decoration.

We offer you a unique, specialized partner, able to support you in all stages of a project and adapting to your needs. We are able to meet your expectations and look forward to working with you.

Why choosing us ?

A dynamic team

We are a multidisciplinary team gathering architects, designers, project managers and construction sites supervisors

Know-how and ingenuity

We have the capacity to develop a concept and to ensure its effective implementation by undertaking and following the project from conception to realization

The challenge

We like a challenge, such as having to work with constraints dictated by ancient buildings. We develop real creations there, without distorting these old houses

Our team

Sage Guillaume

Architecte HES / ASAI guillaume.sage@crea…

I have been working in the field of architecture for more than ten years now. With a bilingual high school diploma in visual arts, I then chose architecture because to me it is the link between function and aestheticism, between man and his direct environment in which he lives, works and evolves.

I like the challenge to find ergonomic and functional solutions in the process of realizing genuine architectural creations, of developing personalized spaces. My training gave me the necessary tools allowing me to blend art and technique together. My experience in the field of architecture brought me the know-how and the understanding to concretize all your ideas.

Sage François

eMBA, PMP, Ing. HES francois.sage@crea…

For many years now, I am a team leader and a project manager. Holder of an engineering degree, I completed my education with management studies. Building on this dual academic foundation my credibility and my expertise allow me to manage my teams with integrity, ethic and respect.

I am used to designing and managing schedules and financial plans and I like to present and implement them. I am a dynamic and proactive partner. My capacity of analysis gives me a global understanding of a situation or a project. If necessary, I am able to accentuate a particular point by choosing the right persons to help me to go deeply into it. This allows me to make quick decisions and stand by them.

Cornaz Noémie

Project manager
Architecte d’intérieur HES / ASAI

After an experience in general contractors, I turned to renovation, with the aim of being able to participate in the preservation of heritage. I am passionate about the challenges that old buildings impose on us, the enhancement of what already exists and the impact of construction on the environment. As far as possible, I try to favor the use of sustainable materials, while respecting the building and its history, highlighting existing elements by making them dialogue subtly with a more current architecture. My goal is to create functional and aesthetic interior spaces, spaces that look like you and that meet your expectations.

Dumas Laetitia

Project manager
Architecte EPFL

Having studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, I have hade the privilege of working with many great architects who advocate the renovation and the transformation of existing buildings as well as the futur. I was attracted to this field very early on. So I developed my skills in this specialization. Renovate, transform and rehabilite are all words that appeal to me. My approch is simple, but effictive : understand the history of existing building and diagnose its « state of health », then propose technical and spatial solutions that enhance what is essential to preserve, while bringing in the modernity we need today.

Bucher Xavier

Project manager
Architecte d’intérieur HES

As a building designer and interior designer, I have been able, over the course of my career, to acquire experience both in contemporary architecture and in renovation. My challenge and my passion are to find THE solution for the preservation of your heritage, while bringing it the modernity and comfort required by current building standards. But the most important thing, in my opinion, is to create a unique bond with you in order to understand your needs and your ideas in order to achieve the final rendering that suits you.

Kohler Marie

Executive assistant


My “atypical” professional career allowed me to achieve my goal, namely to work in the field of architecture.
In my career, I worked as a manager in a property management company, then for several years as an executive assistant in a trust company. Subsequently, wishing to broaden my “professional range”, I had the opportunity to practice within a General Contractor. All this embellished with some experiences with different Masters of State.
Today, I have the chance to fully develop myself with Cré’Architecture, which defends architectural values, such as the preservation of heritage, which are essential for me.

Our external team

Besse Sophie

Architecte d’intérieur HES

Costantini Sophie

Dessinatrice, directrice de travaux

Trivino Guillaume


Passionate about construction, motivated by the challenges posed by renovation, do you enjoy working in a small team and do you like our open and creative working atmosphere?