A story teller

This mansion dates from a happy time when horse-drawn carriages travelled along the ring-shaped pathway to drop off the Lord of the manor and his Lady directly in front of the house. At that time grapes were still trampled underfoot to extract the invaluable nectar which founded the reputation of the vineyards of Bordeaux.

This renovation project consisted in returning its glory to this mansion we like to compare to a Lady of another era, not only by offering her a second youth, but also by modernizing her installations and by bringing modern comfort inside her walls. We carried out the restoration from top to bottom: from the handmade woodwork of former days to the floral rosettes of the ceilings, we did not neglect the slightest detail to breathe new life into this manor house. Still, we went even further than simply restoring the existing premises because we were commissioned to transform this mansion into a guest house.

Indeed, while preserving the charm of the place, we built a bathroom in every room, sometimes with a tub, sometimes with a shower, sometimes not closing the bathroom completely with a partition wall to allow mischievous glances to be cast from the bedroom. Today the eleven rooms of Clos Castaing, all of them unique with an identity of their own, can welcome more than a dozen guests, travellers or vacationers, wishing to stop and rest in this haven of peace.

Services : Project study / Concept / Plans and 3D rendering / Supervision of construction work

Surface : 350m2

Date : 2013