From a cowshed to an office

A change of function

Date : 2012
Surface : 80m2
Services : Project study / Concept / Plans and 3D rendering / Official records / Supervision of construction work

When a “Vaudoise” farm ceases to exist, the huge volume of the farm building becomes then the realm of spiders and drafts while the habitable portion of the structure keeps its functions. Nevertheless, these great volumes still exist and have a rich past. This heritage should be exploited to make these premises useful once more, especially in the actual economic environment characterized by housing shortage.

Constraints bound to the structure of the building (such as a ground floor being an ancient poorly lit cowshed with a sloping floor and a low ceiling) are a real challenge for us as they need to be integrated in the project. In this one, we choose to preserve the rings securing cattle and the old mangers in order to create niches in the wall. Likewise, on the first floor, we kept visible the hand-made timber frame fit in the wall and we installed large picture windows along the whole height of the room to bring in as much light as possible and to give to the beholder a breathtaking view on the countryside and on the Alps.

Thus we obtained a magnificent bright office extending on two floors whose charm appears to be from a time when agriculture was prosperous in the region.