Recreating a modern dwelling

In a 19th century farm

Date : 2007
Surface : 120m2
Services : Project study / Concept / Plans and 3D rendering / Official records / Supervision of construction work

This building is an archetypal “Vaudoise” farm: a central corridor leads to different apartments, each of them consisting of a succession of small rooms, the whole pattern being a recollection of a not too distant past where the main concern was simply to get warm and dry.

Today, not only the modern needs have changed, but desires and wishes take a consistent part in every renovation process. In this project, we particularly had to pay attention to the ergonomics of spaces as well as to the fluidity of circulation and movements. Indeed, this renovation was intended for elderly residents with reduced mobility, so every step of our action was along these lines: we removed every threshold under every door, we put the bathtub and the shower basin at ground level, we adapted large passage ways for a wheel-chair and we adjusted kitchen counters to the height of the wheel-chair to ease cooking.

A second constraint was simply the house itself: the thickness of the walls, beams bent by time, the very history of the place which accumulated over time multiple minor changes in the aspect of the building, its presence in an agricultural environment and the legal obligations connected with it and, of course, its untapped style and charm, a treasure we had to restore.