About stone and about glass

Living inside and outside

Date : 2014
Surface : 340m2
Services : Project study / Concept

A sloping ground, a beautiful exposure to sunlight, but the place is swept by the wind. The wish of the future owners was to be able to live inside the house just like outside on the terrace without getting the impression to pass from one space to the other.

The orientation of the house as well as its setting in the land are of paramount importance. Large bay windows separate the living room from the terrace in such a transparent way that their function seems to be only a thermal one : indeed, as brightness reaches its peak, it does not feel like changing of location when going outside on the terrace. Glass blends perfectly with stone through a stone wall which crosses the house until it extends into the terrace while picture windows strengthen the link between the inside and the outside. Sheltered from the wind by the stone wall, the swimming pool fits in harmoniously whereas the natural gradient of the ground is used to create the lower level of the house which contains the garage.