Evolution toward the 21st century

Revisiting modernity with a touch of sobriety

Date : 2015
Surface : 100m2
Services : Project study / Concept / Highlighting / Plans / Official records / Supervision of construction work

This old residence of a musician, situated along the Neuchâtel Riviera was designed to foster inspiration and creativity. Retaining its prestigious appeal, with its large windows allowing for sunlight to pour through, as one enjoys the view over the lake. We redefined the entire ground floor, by opening the kitchen to the living space with the main bearing elements masking the stairs, thus creating a combined yet, separated unit of the living and the kitchen space. With natural wooden floors in the bathroom, the first floor as well as kitchen and a staircase in solid wood. A well studied integration of heating methods, complete with a fireplace, floor heating, solar panels and a heat exchanger, everything fitted in harmony! The entire interior underwent an essential, but respectful transformation to keep the statue of the old house while meeting modern energy needs and aesthetics.