Let there be light

Lights, the new facelift

Date : 2014
Surface : 150m2
Services : Concept / Highlighting / Supervision of construction work

Light is the source of life and well-being. We have sun that nourishes the body and mind. Then there is the artificial light that adds flattery to objects when used in its decorative form. When called upon to do a project as delicate and beautiful as this, poor illumination would be the equivalent of a failed project.
We kept the spaces, corridors and furniture placements as initially planned. A full service on the furniture along with a few replacements and a thorough study on light was done. Core of this project, was the need to meet the new standards of quality of light, color temperatures and energy savings. A lot of work and several tests were needed before the right lights were found that satisfied the complex specifications of the project. For it was through highlighting the products befittingly, that the project truly came into ist own!
In her 25 years of existence, today after this facelift, we gave this jewelery the ultimate gift that marked the rebirth of her youth, rightfully so, as her radiance emits into the 21st century.