Minergie and wooden frame

Date : 2011
Surface : 187m2
Services : Project study / Concept / Highlighting / Plans and 3D rendering

An open, friendly, family-sized living space, such was the wish of the owners of this wooden frame villa. Keeping in mind their will to articulate volumes around a vast living space, we divided this building into two distinct parts: we started from the basic shape of a traditional house and then we moved downward the southern side of the roof to let sunbeams illuminate every room on the first floor. On the ground floor and on the first floor of the north side of the house, we gathered together private spaces as well as service areas to free up a large volume under the lowered roof deck allowing us to combine the lounge with the dining room and the kitchen to form a single space.

With more than seventy square meters of dwelling space and a height of about six meters, the proportions of this living room resembles more a New-York loft than a Swiss rustic villa. Located in the very center of the living room, the kitchen symbolizes the heart of the house. Completely open on the lounge and on the dining room, the kitchen is the key meeting spot because it represents a space of conviviality around which family life revolves.